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Effective Cancer Immunotherapy

The immune system in general and dendritic cells in particular have long been touted as the vehicles by which cancer will be treated in a targeted and gentle fashion, sparing patients from the debilitating side-effects and frequent treatment failures of cytotoxic cancer therapy. Unfortunately, despite enormous advances made in the understanding of basic immunology, vaccine immunotherapy has yet to produce reasonable therapeutic results for any indication. Cancer vaccines have yet to perform as advertised in a clinical setting.

Diakonos Research Ltd (Diakonos) is changing this perception of vaccine immunotherapy. Diakonos scientists have been focused on the reasons why dendritic cell immunotherapy has not worked in the past, paying particular attention to the overlooked concepts of T-cell homing and stimulation of a certain critical immune cell subset- the plasmacytoid dendritic cell. More importantly, we have discovered and characterized a “missing signal” that tells the immune system to generate the kinds of immune responses necessary to fight cancer. Stimulation of the immune system in this fashion produces a response robust and specific enough to control physiologic cancers in large animal models. Since the existence of this signal was unknown until recently, previous immunotherapy treatment protocols did not take advantage of it and unlikely stimulated the immune system to function optimally with any reasonable frequency. By applying a radically different understanding of the way that immune responses are generated, we are able to formulate cutting-edge treatments that produce results. Patent applications covering critical elements of the treatment protocol have been filed in conjunction with Baylor College of Medicine.

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